For Breeders

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This section of my website is for breeders so if you think you want to breed plan to spend some time reading through ALL of the information I have posted here. This information is posted for your review because I do not want to contribute to the number of dogs in pound, shelter, & rescue and I do not want to place puppies for breeding that will contribute to the number of dogs in pound, shelter, & rescue. I want you to be the BEST breeder that you can be representing the Australian Shepherd breed in the BEST way possible.

If you are an established breeder & want to add some quality breeding prospects to your program send me a link to your website, Facebook business page, or other place that I can review your Australian Shepherds, their health testing, what you currently produce, and your marketing strategies. We always have some exceptional quality, health tested, breeding prospects available to add to, or start, your breeding program.

If you are considering breeding follow these steps:

1. Read the Breeding 101 page so you will have a good understanding of what this job requires and to prevent surprises or the 'no one told me' line.

2. Read the Breed Standard page. If you are not interested in purchasing Australian Shepherds that meet breed standard, per and, and raising puppies that meet breed standard then there is no point in continuing on with the purchasing process here.

3. If you still think that breeding interests you, click on Contract for Breeding. Be sure to read ALL of that page then answer ALL of the questions at the top of the page and email me your answers at Remember ... 100% of animals in pound, shelter, and rescue are there because their breeder did not have a plan.

4. Breed standard is to dock the tail. Click Tail Banding to watch the simple process I use here at Fifteen Acre Farms if removing the tails yourself interests you.