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What to feed your puppy .... and other dog's in the home. 

We feed and recommend Nutrisource Small/Medium breed puppy food here to all of our puppies AND adult dogs. Nutrisource is made by KLN foods located in Perham, MN. They have only ONE plant so if there is ever a problem with a product they know the source. This food is made in USA with USA ingredients. I send a sample bag home with all of my puppies that are picked up here. 


This food is tiny little kibble that both our puppies AND adult dogs LOVE and can eat well as Australian Shepherds prefer a smaller kibble over larger kibble. The guaranteed analysis in this food is 32% protein & 21% fat and contributes to our puppies superior growth during critical weeks of development at age 4 weeks on. Our adult dogs are able to consistently maintain a healthy weight even with the level of daily exercise they receive here and through the demands of breeding and raising puppies during their breeding career's here at Fifteen Acre Farms. Proper nutrition is non-negotiable for the health of our mama's to produce and raise happy healthy babies starting BEFORE our females cycle and begin gestation for a litter. Proper nutrition is just as important for the Sire as well because poor dog food ingredients get into your dog's DNA over time and can be passed down from generation to generation causing sterility in VERY young dog's, reduced litter size, lost litters, low birth weight puppies, and puppies that do not thrive and grow properly. Read more about Nutrisource Small/Medium breed puppy food here:

ALL of our adult dogs and puppies here have free choice food so they can eat whenever and how much they feel they need as an individual. As you can see from our 'Take A Tour' video's on our Youtube channels NONE of our dogs or puppies are overweight because they also have 24 hour access to exercise outlets to meet the activity level needs of the Australian Shepherd breed.

We also feed Nutrisource Cat Food to our 2 neutered cat's ages 1 and 10. They LOVE it and look phenominal.

KLN family foods produces Pure Vita & Natural Planet foods as well and packages and distributes Zignature foods at their plant so you, the consumer, have a wide variety of brands and formula's to choose from over your puppy's life while keeping with a premium 'Made In USA' food. Read more about KLN foods here:

Where to buy: Nutrisource foods are available at small brick & mortar stores ONLY because Big Box stores warehouse their food for 3 years or longer. Go ahead and check the date on any brand and bag of food at Petsmart or Petco and see for yourself. Amazon is an unauthorized dealer as well because Nutrisource cannot guarantee who is storing or handling their products and shipping them to you the consumer so be sure to ONLY make your selection from an authorized Nutrisource dealer to ensure you are getting a quality product that is stored and handled properly. And take the time to read some reviews on Amazon regarding this food. The 1 star reviews I read on Amazon were due to poor storage, shipping, and handling resulting in contaminated food arriving to the consumer from the shipper. Click this 'where to buy' link to find a store near you that carries Nutrisource premium dog food:

Nutrisource is available for purchase in store at Hollywood Feed or online for in home delivery if there is not a store near you:


We also feed & recommend dry Bil-jac puppy food:

Image result for bil jac puppy food

This is a 28% protein/18% fat delicious 'Made In USA' product with Made in USA ingredients as well with ONE plant in Medina, OH. Bil-jac is super pliable and their saliva breaks it down WELL so puppies can begin eating this dry food at age 3 weeks. This eliminates the need for wet food that can sour and draw flies when left out for puppies. My adult dog's LOVE Bil-jac as well. This food is FANTASTIC for the other dog's in your home ... especially senior dog's that may be missing teeth. I send one pound samples home with all of my puppies that are picked up here. Biljac also provides a 'where to buy' link:


Next is Fromm Dog Food:

Fromm Family Foods has ONLY 1 location in Mequon, WI. This is a 'Made In USA' product with Made In USA ingredients. Both the puppy and adult foods are tiny kibble that Australian Shepherds LOVE. The puppy food is a 28% protein/14% fat and the adult food is a 23% protein/15% fat.

Fromm Family Foods Classic Adult Dog Food

Again, be sure to buy ONLY foods that are 'Made In USA' with Made In USA ingredients. And even more importantly .... buy from authorized distributos to guarantee safe handling and storage of the products. Fromm also provides a 'Where to Buy' link on their website: 

Fromm is available for purchase in store at Hollywood Feed or online for in home delivery if there is not a store near you:



Honest Kitchen: Also ONE location in San Diego, CA and 'Made in USA' with Human Food Grade ingredients. You can order directly from their website and receive your product from the manufacturer:

Honest Kitchen is available for purchase in store at Hollywood Feed or online for in home delivery if there is not a store near you:

Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters GF Beef

 Nutrisource, Fromm, & Honest Kitchen can be found at Hollywood Feed Stores. If there is not a store near you online ordering & delivery is available to your home at: