Available Australian Shepherd Puppies

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We currently have an impressive selection of Australian Shepherd puppies available for reservation. ALL Fifteen Acre Farms puppies are produced ONLY from AKC/ASCA registered, DNA profiled, health tested parents. Pedigree's and lab reports for important genetic health testing for ALL of our Australian Shepherds are posted on the *Sires & Dames* page for your review. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds watch some of our obedience training video's and take a tour of our facilities, then read our reviews on Facebook & Google. The *Shipping* page will address any concerns you may have regarding air travel for live animals.

Deposit's have been received for all puppies posted on Corri & Weston's Puppies page.


If the breedings were successful, we are currently expecting 3 new litters here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds due Feb 2020 and will be available for air travel April 2020. Blue merle and black tri are expected in 2 of those litters and all 4 colors are expected in one litter. Prices for spay/neuter contract will be: Black Tri $800, Red Tri $1800, Blue Merle $2000, & Red Merle $2500. Air travel will be an additional $500 or buyers are always welcome to pickup here. Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds has only ONE location here in Talala, OK so when you see other breeders in different locations displaying MY pictures and video from my Youtube channel you will know that those website's and advertising are fraudulent scammers. To reserve a place in line to select the Fifteen Acre Farms puppy of your choice on spay/neuter contract simply click the 'Reserve A 2020 Puppy' button and pay the $200 nonrefundable deposit then let me know if you have a color and/or gender preference. Call or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 or email fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com. 

 Deposit holders in order of receipt for the next litters are:

1. Tom & Diane in St. Louis, MO - Blue Merle Female (ready May 2020)

2. Paula in Minnehaha, WA - Red Tri Female

3. Kelly in Ocean City, DE - Red Tri Female

4. Colleen in Tulsa, OK - Blue Merle Female or Red Merle Female

5. Allison in King of Prussia, PA - Blue Merle Female or Red Merle Female



See Constance & Grady's Puppies page to reserve the puppy of your choice ready for air travel on Feb 25, 2020. (There are currently 3 puppies available in this litter).