Available Australian Shepherd Puppies

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I'm sad to announce that after 20 years of owning Australian Shepherds and 17 years of breeding, we are no longer breeding. My husband and I have experienced EXPLOSIVE growth in our diesel repair shop the past few years and, since turning 50 this year, I can no longer continue working both jobs 7 days a week and have had to realize my limits & make a choice to end my breeding career. I have worked very hard to make a positive impact on the breed with clean genetics and keeping breed standard. All of my buyers, and puppies I have produced, are extremely important to me and I appreciate all of you. If you are interested in adding a quality healthy puppy from a reputable breeder to your home & family I would like to refer you to my friend Tracy Gordon at Windy G Farm Australian Shepherds located Kansas, OK. Her breeding program is also AKC, USDA, & State of OK licensed, inspected, & approved with the highest ratings. See her available puppies at www.windygfarm.com. Tracy has been breeding since 2009 and has several Fifteen Acre Farms breeding dogs in her program. She will continue on with impacting the breed with clean genetics and keeping breed standard as ALL Windy G Farm puppies are produced ONLY from AKC/ASCA registered, DNA profiled, health tested parents. Call or text Tracy at 479-228-3069 and be sure to subscribe to the Windy G Farm Youtube Channel. Thank you all for your continued support in promoting the preservation of the Australian Shepherd breed by choosing to make your selection from a reputable breeder.