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If you are a person that needs new puppy pictures and video every day I'll be real honest here in saying that is not a task that I am able to fulfill and you will need to make your selection from a breeder that has idle time on their hands if that is a requirement for you. I want to thank you in advance and let you know that I appreciate your patience with me very much should one of my puppies be selected by your family. It is never my intention to be rude or offensive to anyone so if I seem short in response to any question it is simply because I do not have time for lengthy conversations escpecially those that are already covered in great detail here on my website. Just know that you are important to me and I am doing my best .... MY VERY BEST ... to accomplish every task that I have set before me every day and I work hard to provide a PROMPT reply to every inquiry I receive so if you emailed me, but did not provide a phone number for me to follow up, and did not receive a reply simply check your spam folder. 

I"ll just be up front in letting you know my daily schedule to help you better understand my reply to your questions: In addition to my breeding program, my husband and I work 7 days a week here running a VERY BUSY Diesel Repair Shop

from our home as well so, if you visit here for puppy pickup, DO NOT block the driveway or shop doors even on the weekends. There is parking on the left when you pull in the driveway. We have semi wreckers, school buses, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, heavy equipment, & dump trucks moving about the driveway at all times so, for your family's safety, be a responsible parent and educate your children BEFORE YOUR VISIT on the importance of listening and following instructions.

Additionally, we feed all of our employee's here every day for lunch because we live too far out for everyone to leave so no appointments will be scheduled from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm because I am in the kitchen preparing food for 10 people every day Monday through Friday. The other part of that responsibility is the grocery shopping, meal planning, & daily cleanup. I also have to go to Tulsa once or twice every day to pickup parts for our shop to keep our mechanics moving. If you schedule a morning appointment and are past 10:00 am with your arrival time you will have to wait until 1 pm or later based on other appointments I may already have scheduled for puppy pickup that day or vet appointments for health papers or other vet care. I may be putting together flight schedules or on the phone for several hours booking flights for litters of puppies, assembling shipping crates, or making trips to the airport for puppy check in. We also have VERY harsh weather conditions here in OK with temperatures of -30 and 3 feet of snow on the ground to 115 degree's for WEEKS on end only compounding the hours of daily chores and cleaning required for litters of puppies and their parents and keeping them safe in inclement weather. I am also the bookkeeper for both of our businesses so I may be completing the required paperwork for my AKC, USDA, and/or state of OK inspectors, for my monthly sales tax report and bill that are due for our diesel repair shop, or doing payroll. I have to drive to Tulsa EVERY day, sometimes 2-3 times a day, to pickup parts from our vendors for our diesel repair shop to keep our mechanics moving on repairs. From March to November every year my husband and I have several hours of mowing & lawn care EVERY WEEK for 18 fenced yards spread out over about 5 acres of our property and January to March is extra work preparing paperwork for my tax appointment for both of our business's. Do not expect an appointment, pictures, or video on Christmas Day as we have a family to and the holidays are 10 times more work because the same amount of time is required to complete chores every day with fewer hours to do so with holiday festivities to attend with family members when we are able to do so. Walk in's and drop by's simply CANNOT be accommodated so be sure you keep your scheduled appointment or you may have to wait several hours, or days, for another available time to open up. We also no longer allow puppy pickup after dark because of the safety hazard for our guests.

If blue eyes is your question, read the Blue Eyes page here and know that eye color looks the same here to me as you see in the pictures posted. If blue eyes is your ONLY question, or requirement, you may as well take your search elsewhere now as eye color is NOT a reason to purchase a puppy and time spent on this subject has proven time and time again to not be productive and result in a sale.

Larger litters require supplemental bottle feedings to ensure every puppy gets enough nutrition for proper growth and development as do females that require cesarean for delivery and females that do not produce enough milk for their litter. Litters that require bottle feeding take an enormous amount of additional time to care for and will be another reason that new pictures & video are delayed.

The care of my puppies, and their parents, come first so if I have 30 people asking for new pictures and video every day, replying to all of those messages takes away from their care and will only further delay my ability to accomplish this very time consuming task so it's important to refrain from doing that. If I have new pictures and video I will send them at my earliest ability to take advantage of a large enough time block to do so. New puppy pictures and obedience training videos take MANY HOURS of time and effort to take, post on website and all of the websites I advertise on, & send to all of my puppy buyers and can take 2-3 days to complete, depending on how many litters I have at one time, and how many interruptions I have during the day while trying to accomplish this task. Everything you need to know about my breeding program is posted here on my website, on my Facebook page at, and on my Youtube channel also at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds where there are 1,300+ video's posted of me with my puppies. All you have to do is take the time to review those videos and read the information I have spent a lot of time to compile and post. Also take some time to read the reviews posted by my puppy buyers on Facebook & Google regarding their experience here. When you are certain a Fifteen Acre Farms puppy is the right choice for your family simply click this Available Puppies link and pay the $200 deposit to be added to the deposit holder list and get to make your selection from our next litters or click the 'Reserve This Puppy' button under a current available puppy's picture.