Tail Banding & Dewclaw Removal

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I made these tail banding and dewclaw removal videos for other breeders and my puppy buyers that are interested in seeing how this process is done in a humane way. Breed standard, per AKC and ASCA, is to dock the tail and remove the dewclaws and we keep to breed standard here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. Dewclaws at this age are simply soft tissue and as you can see there is no bleeding and little to no discomfort when they are removed at age 3 days. The tail, as well, is simply soft tissue that a band is tied around to stop circulation and the tail simply shrivels up and falls off within a week. If you feel tails and dewclaws should not be removed feel free to take your concerns to AKC and ASCA. As a reputable breeder it is VERY important to me to follow breed standard.