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Here is a list of products we use and recommend here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. You can make your Amazon purchase directly from this page at any time during your puppy's life.


Amazon is an unauthorized dealer for Nutrisource Dog Food because they typically ship from a 3rd party distributor that does not store, maintain, handle, or ship the product properly which can result in you, the consumer, receiving a contaminated product. I have written a page on Nutrition for your new Fifteen Acre Farms puppy so please take the time to read over it and make your selection for dog food & treats from the options I have provided for you on that page: 







Crates - 36" or Larger only



Doggy Doors




 Food/Water Dishes & Tubs

 Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses




 Water Safety


Training Aids


 Temporary Fencing - This fencing should not be a permanent form of confinement but is a good solution while a permanent fence is being installed or if your existing fence has spaces big enough for a puppy to squeeze through. The spring snaps are to attach the temporary panels to an existing fence or other structure or to attach 2 pens together for a larger area.

Dog Houses - use straw for bedding in winter.



For Breeders ... in addition to all the products listed above here are a few other products I use and recommend here in my breeding program.