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I like to keep the purchasing process here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds very simple. This page outlines a step by step process for you the buyer in making your selection here & choosing the puppy you want on spay/neuter contract.

Understand that a breeding program this size is a 7 day a week commitment with ZERO time off and I am not a person with idle time on my hands so it's important that you be proactive ... not inactive ... in doing your research and selecting me as the breeder you want to make your selection from. My time MUST be devoted to the daily care & training of my puppies and their parents and my many other responsibilities like taking updated photo & video sessions of each litter and posting and sending them to my puppy buyers every 1-2 weeks, scheduling & booking flights and completing airline paperwork for all the puppies that fly, trips to the airport, trips to the vet, meeting with our puppy buyers scheduled here for pickup, grooming, & scheduling time for my AKC, USDA, & State of OK inspectors and following all of their required bookkeeping procedures. We also have 18 fenced yards spread out over 5 acres of our property here that require weekly lawn care & maintenance from March - November.

In addition to all of this my husband and I work 7 days a week here running a VERY busy diesel repair shop & trucking company employing 10 full time mechanics, truck drivers, welders, & fabricators. I am also the bookkeeper for these businesses, I pickup parts in Tulsa EVERY DAY for our shop, and we live too far out for everyone to leave everyday for lunch so I am in the kitchen from 10:30 am to 1 pm every day Monday - Friday cooking lunch for 14 people. Take the time to read all the information here that I have worked hard to compile and educate you on the breed and our purchasing process here. Again, I like to keep things simple.

1. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds, take a tour of our breeding program & facilities, & watch some of our puppy care & obedience training videos so you can see first hand my training techniques beginning most of our puppies in obedience training at age 6 or 7 weeks, the care our puppies and their parents receive, how they are kept & cared for, my handling & interaction with them, their response to me as well as normal everyday activities & happenings within their environment, and their temperaments, personalities, & activity level.

2. Read our reviews on Facebook & Google also at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds.

3. Click the pages below and spend some time reading to answer questions or address concerns you may have regarding each topic.

4. When you are certain a Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherd puppy is the right fit for your home & family click on our Available Puppies page here: then review our available puppies and make your selection. Just click the 'Reserve This Puppy' button under the picture of the puppy you want and pay the $200 deposit. I will receive a notification that a payment was made and will mark that puppy reserved with your name. Our credit card system accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express and is a very safe & secure way for you to pay your deposit. I never see, or have access to, your card information. If deposits have been received on all of our current puppies simply click the 'Reserve A Fifteen Acre Farms Puppy' button to be added to the deposit holder list to get to choose a puppy from our next litters.

5. If you prefer to have a phone conversation before paying your deposit, just call and leave a message or text me, Laura Perry, at 918-706-1931 and let me know you would like me to call you.

6. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given. It is YOUR responsibility to be sure a puppy fits into your lifestyle and schedule. We do not solicit sales here in any way. If you send money for a puppy it will be of your own free will and decision to do so and will NOT be refunded should you change your mind. Many MANY hours of time goes into the placement of each puppy and there are MOUNTAINS of paperwork to keep for USDA, AKC, the State of OK, and year end tax preparation ... especially for the one's that fly as the ONLY shipment with the airlines that requires more paperwork than a live animal is an unaccompanied minor.