Payment & Pricing

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Prices start at $1200 on spay/neuter contract. We do not have 'the cheaper the better' puppies here at Fifteen Acre Farms'. We do sometimes have puppies that are priced less than $1200 & sometimes have exceptional prospects that are priced higher but typically this is the pricelist we follow for our puppies placed on spay/neuter contract:

Blue Merle Males & Females $2000

Red Merle Males & Females $2500

Red Tri Males & Females $1800

Black Tri Males & Females $1200

Any adult dogs or puppies placed for breeding are $3000-$5000 regardless of color or gender.

We also do not participate in 'the highest bidder wins' so please refrain from offering more money to get a puppy that another buyer has reserved as we do not conduct business that way. And as a deposit holder, you can rest assured that we will not sell the puppy you have selected to another buyer that offers more money nor do we decide to keep a puppy that has already been reserved.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given. It is YOUR responsibility to be sure a puppy fits into your lifestyle and schedule. We do not solicit sales here in any way. If you send money for a puppy it will be of your own free will and decision to do so and will NOT be refunded should you change your mind. Many MANY hours of time goes into the placement of each puppy and there are MOUNTAINS of paperwork to keep for USDA, AKC, the State of OK, and year end tax preparation ... especially for the puppy's that fly as the ONLY shipment with the airlines that requires more paperwork than a live animal is an unaccompanied minor.

We like to keep the purchasing process here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds simple. If you are a responsible pet owner and plan to spay/neuter simply choose the puppy you want & click the 'Reserve This Puppy' button under his or her picture and pay the $200 non-refundable deposit. Balance will be paid at pickup or, if air travel is required, the balance will be paid at age 6 weeks when it is time to book the flight.

***ANY ADULT DOG OR PUPPY PLACED FOR BREEDING IS $3000-$5000 regardless of color or gender. Why $3000-$5000? To stop the nonsense of purchasing a puppy here for breeding then choosing a $200 mate registered with a substandard registry with NO health testing & breed genetic flaws right back into the pedigree that I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to clean up. A $3000-$5000 investment shows YOUR commitment to the breed and responsibility as a breeder. My expectation is that you will take breeding to improve and promote the Australian Shepherd breed as serious as I do. If you think you want to breed, click the For Breeders link & read the Breeding 101 page. Remember .... 100% of dogs in pound, shelter, & rescue are there as a result of breeding without a plan.***

Our prices reflect, not only the quality of puppies we produce as a result of all the genetic testing we pay for, but the cost to produce & place an entire litter of puppies as well. Raising puppies, caring for all the parents & juveniles that we retain for breeding all year (not just when they are producing), & paying for all of the genetic health testing requires an enormous financial year around commitment.

All puppies purchased from Fifteen Acre Farms will receive AKC AND ASCA registration paperwork AT TIME OF SALE. We are ALWAYS available to take our puppies back if the owner is unable to care for him/her at any time during the dog or puppy's lifetime or if they simply do not work out in your family. However, we do not "buy" them back because of the cost to care for, advertise, work out any behavior and/or training issues, & re-home them.

We also do NOT require our buyers to purchase our puppies on a co-ownership contract & we do NOT require the use of our kennel name on their registration paperwork. Our buyers are free to name their puppy(s) as they wish ... as naming the puppy is half the fun! In addition, we will never present our buyers with a lengthy questionairre before purchase asking for private personal information such as income, number of hours spent away from home each day, & who lives in or visits your home. Though we enjoy getting to know our buyers, that info is just not our business.