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Visitors ... your safety is our priority here as we try to be responsible property and business owners but we need you to do your part as well. We also run a VERY busy diesel repair shop here on our property and have heavy equipment, semi's, dump trucks, school buses, firetrucks, ambulances, oversized loads, and wreckers to haul them all in here for repair through our driveway everyday, even on the weekends, so it's important that you park on your left when you pull in the driveway and not block the drive. If children will be accompanying you during your visit it's important that they listen and follow directions well. For their safety your children must remain with you at all times. We ask that you take the time to educate your children before you visit to not put their hands over fences and attempt to pet our adult dogs. Breeding animals raising offspring take on a much different temperament than spayed & neutered animals kept as pets and their instinctive nature is sometimes to growl, nip, or bite at people they don't know. And remember ... dogs are at face level with small children. In addition, we are a closed kennel and cannot allow a dog you already own to visit with you. Even though I"m sure your current dog is healthy and vaccinated he/she can bring in contagious disease they may have come into contact with from other places and put our litters of puppies too young to vaccinate at risk. Also, breeding, whelping, and raising puppies lowers our females immune systems putting them at greater risk to contract contagious disease as well. Our females take their job as mommy very serious and it's unneccessary to allow strange dogs here to make them feel threatened while raising puppies. Visitors will only be allowed to see and handle puppies age 6 weeks and older after first set of vaccinations and ONLY at time of scheduled pickup. My schedule simply does not allow for walkin's, drop by's, or multiple visit's each week from buyers.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and compliance with our requests to keep our visitors safe here and for the schedule I keep.


Puppies are shown by appointment only because I'm not always here and I'm not always available to show puppies so we're not able to accommodate walk in's or drop by's. I am frequently gone to vet appt's, airport for check in for puppies that fly and it takes many hours to book and complete paperwork for each puppy that requires air travel, I may have visitors already scheduled for puppy pickup, I spend a lot of hours cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and changing bedding and those aren't tasks that can easily be interrupted, I have several hours of chores 7 days a week, I spend a lot of time grooming, a large time block is needed to shoot pictures & video of each puppy, do obedience training lessons, and take pictures then send to all the buyers and post them on my website and other site's that I advertise on, from March through November it takes 2 full evenings or 1 whole Saturday to mow each week, inspector visits usually take about 4 hours so that only leaves time for chores on those days, I'm also the bookkeeper for our very busy diesel repair shop so extra time from January through March is needed to get ready for tax time. Oh ... and I have a family to. Typically appointments are scheduled at 9 am or 10 am then 1 pm to 5 pm Monday - Friday and on Saturday I can usually accommodate 10 am to 5 pm appt's and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday's unless I have trips to the airport scheduled for puppy check in. Monday - Friday I"m in the kitchen from 10:30 am to 1 pm getting lunch ready for our shop crew. For safety reasons no appointments will be scheduled after dark. Airport check in's will always take priority on the schedule as there are many destinations that do not have a lot of choices for flights so on day's that require airport check in I can only do afternoon appointments. We also don't have room to accommodate more than one family here at a time so I don't double book that means it's very important that you keep the appointment time you schedule with me so we don't keep the next one's scheduled behind you waiting their turn.