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When you make your selection here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds you will be getting a puppy that is WELL socialized, WELL cared for, handled from birth, fed quality nutrition, is microchipped with age appropriate vaccinations & worming, knows and respects fences and boundaries, and has a terrific start in obedience training. When our puppies go home with their new families they already know how to walk along WELL on a leash, sit, shake, down, rollover, climb stairs, roll a ball, fetch a toy and bring it back, and sit well for bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Our puppies sleep well at night and potty consistently OUTSIDE. Just like children, puppies learn at different ages so on occasion there is a puppy that just isn't ready to begin simple obedience training at age 6-8 weeks and that's ok but 95% of my puppies respond WELL to my training here at that age. See for yourself on our youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. There is video after video after video of consistent training with each and every puppy here before they are placed with their new families. Our puppies ADORE the companionship of other animals as well so we do place a lot of pairs or with families that already have another dog or cat. Our puppies transition quickly and well to their new families and to other animals in the home. Make your selection from a breeder who knows and represents the breed WELL and has the proper setup, skill, and knowledge for training young puppies before they join their new family.