Responsible Pet Ownership

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Part of being a responsible pet owner is to spay/neuter your dog at the EARLIEST age possible. Breeding is a big responsibility and financial committment. It is NOT a 6-8 week assignment and then you are done. You don't just "give them a shot and mama does the rest" as one buyer put it. Breeding is a lifelong committment to the puppies you produce, the breed of dog you have chosen to produce with, & the families that take your puppies home with them. It is VERY important to understand when you produce a litter of puppies ... THEY DON'T ALL SELL BY 6 WEEKS OF AGE! You WILL have puppies left into the juvenile stage or adulthood. If you live in the city limits or a neighboorhood you likely have an ordinance with a limit on the number of dogs you can have. That means when you still have half your litter at an older age YOU WILL GET A BIG FAT FINE FROM YOUR CITY OR HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION for exceeding the number of allowable dogs for your property.

When you see the sad SPCA commercials on TV it is very simple how those MIXED BREED animals ended up there. I place a puppy with you to take home, you fail to spay/neuter, and so does your neighbor. They ARE ANIMALS .... they WILL find a way! Your dog will not seek out a purebred registered mate with appropriate health clearances in your neighborhood to breed. They will mate with whoever and whatever they can find when the urge to mate overcomes them. It is the product ... THE MIXED BREED PRODUCT ... that fills pound, shelter, & rescue or on craigslist for $50. Then THOSE buyers take their mixed breed pet home, fail to spay/neuter, and so does THEIR neighbor. And so on .....

Pound, shelter, & rescue's come down hard on us breeders. It is NOT OUR puppies that fill those facilities because responsible breeders are ALWAYS willing, and have space available, to take a puppy or dog they produced back at anytime during their life. A responsible breeder committed to the breed, the puppies they produce, AND THE BUYERS will still be in business years later, be committed to take the dog back, absorb the cost and work to find another appropriate home for the animal. Buyer's you better be CERTAIN you make your selection from a breeder who has made a lifetime committment to the breed and isn't just a "HOBBY" breeder raising 1 or 2 litters a year "just for fun", "to give their children the puppy experience", or to "settle their female down" without any real committment to you the buyer, the puppies they produce, or the breed. I hear this so often ..... "I'm not a breeder, I just raise 1 or 2 litters per year". For those saying that, take a look at your AKC registration paperwork. YOUR NAME appears next to the word BREEDER on the paperwork. It doesn't matter if you raise 1 litter or 10 litters per year. If you purposely brought a litter of puppies into the world you ARE a breeder and better be committed to your puppies, their parents, & the buyers for the lifetime of the puppies you produce. Again, buyers .... it's best to make your selection from a breeder committed to YOU AND YOUR NEW PUPPY.

If you never intend on breeding your dog responsibly to a qualified purebred mate with appropriate health clearances then it is best to spay or neuter your dog at the EARLIEST AGE POSSIBLE to prevent mating with a mixed breed dog in your neighborhood and contracting a sexually transmitted disease. YES .... DOGS ALLOWED TO ROAM THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS AND MATE WITH WHATEVER DOG IS ON THE LOOSE CAN CARRY  STD'S!

The reasons I breed for are:

1. I am knowledgable in the care, breeding, & appropriate placement of animals.

2. To propel the breed forward only breeding to improve and promote the breed of Australian Shepherds.

3. I have the space, finances, & time committment available to carry out and follow through with this VERY demanding task that is 7 days a week/365 days per year, ALL THE TIME, EVERYDAY.

4. To meet supply & demand for QUALITY, PUREBRED, REGISTERED, HEALTH TESTED dogs. This applies mostly to those who have had a bad experience with the "cheaper" puppy bred by those who wanted to "give their children the puppy experience" or "settle their female down" or "see what they get when they cross this breed of dog with that breed of dog". End result ... a puppy that ended up being plagued with a lifetime of very costly health issue's for their new family.

So as a RESPONSIBLE breeder it is my job to educate YOU THE BUYER on the importance of spay/neuter but it is YOUR job to follow through with that committment when my puppy goes home with you. Remember ... the next time you see an SPCA commercial asking for YOUR donation ..... there wouldn't be such a need for finances to house, care for, rehome, or euthanize those UNWANTED MIXED BREED animals if YOU THE BUYER took YOUR responsibility as a pet owner seriously and participated in the spay/neuter program at the earliest age possible.