Available Adults

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I currently have 1 adult female and 1 adult male available for placement for breeding. They are $3000 each and not a penny less. If you want what I have, you have to do what I do and making the financial investment into a breeding program is a necessary part of this job. Both are exceptional representations of the breed with clear genetic panels at Paw Print Genetics and Penn Hips with no evidence of Osteoarthritis/Hip Dysplasia. Shipping is available if needed for $500 each. You will need to contact me for details at fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or call and leave a message or text 918-706-1931 and I will call you back. Only those with payment in full need contact me. I do not have free dogs here nor do I do payment plans. You will also need to read the Breeding 101 page and the Contract Breeding page on my website and email me ALL of your answers to my questions. The ONLY reason these dogs are available is because they are related to several of what I already have and I would like the space to bring in a new line unrelated to what I have. With that said, I will be VERY clear, I am NOT interested in trading.