Darcy's Australian Shepherd Puppies (Available)

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Darcy & Jaxson's Australian Shepherd puppies. DOB 09/28/17 AKC & ASCA registered.

ALL of your questions regarding Darcy's Puppies & the purchasing process will be answered here so be sure to read this page in its entirety then contact me when you are ready to place deposit on a puppy. In addition to caring for all of my dogs & puppies, marketing, booking flights, vet visits, transporting puppies via air travel, & allowing my local buyers to visit, I run parts and am the bookkeeper for our VERY busy diesel repair shop. Also on the schedule from April - October is at least 2 full evenings EVERY week for all the lawncare for 18 fenced yards, all measuring 1/4 - 1/2 acre in size, that house our dogs & puppies PLUS the acreage around the shop.

I like to keep the purchasing process FOR BOTH OF US as simple as possible so if you are a person that likes to complicate things that don't need to be complicated it will be best for you to make your selection elsewhere. I have responsibilities to you the buyer which I take VERY SERIOUS and have outlined in great detail here on my website. You the buyer have responsibilities in the purchasing process as well so BE SURE you: are ready to commit to purchase, have the funds available to do so, can comprehend the exercise needs of a puppy, do not have a trip planned to travel the world when the puppy you have chosen is ready for pickup or air travel, have permission from WHOMEVER you need permission from, such as a spouse, significant other, parents, landlord, or adult children, BEFORE you contact me.

To reserve a Fifteen Acre Farms puppy, or schedule an appointment to visit our puppies age 6 weeks and older, email fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or call and leave a message or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931. Respectfully; no phone calls or texts past 9 pm central time. $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit required to hold a puppy. Be sure you are ready for the commitment of adding a puppy to your family BEFORE you pay deposit to reserve one. Payment accepted by personal check, business check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We never charge an additional fee to pay by credit/debit card. We do not accept payment via money order or cashier's check.

Darcy has Penn Hip evaluation with NO EVIDENCE OF OSTEOARTHRITIS/HIP DYSPLASIA FOR EITHER HIP WAS FOUND and is DNA tested CLEAR for Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hereditary Cataracts, Hyperuricosuria, Multidrug Resistance, Multifocal Retinopathy, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6, & Progressive Retinal Atrophy/Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration. Jaxson has Penn Hip evaluation with NO EVIDENCE OF OSTEOARTHRITIS/HIP DYSPLASIA FOR EITHER HIP WAS FOUND and is DNA tested clear for Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Cyclic Neutropenia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hereditary Cataracts, Hyperuricosuria, Multidrug Resistency, Multifocal Retinopathy, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6, & Progressive Retinal Atrophy/Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration. To see pedigree's and lab reports for Jaxson and Darcy, click the link above for the Pedigree's and Lab Reports page.

All Fifteen Acre Farms puppies go home with a WRITTEN contract for breeding or spay/neuter, guarantee for genetic issue's the parents are tested for & copies of those lab reports, vaccination record & schedule to follow, AKC & ASCA registration paperwork, Nutrisource Puppy Food, collar, leash, food, travel size bowls, & breeder commitment to be available at any time during the dogs life to answer questions, address concerns, and provide assistance as needed with continued training.

Darcy's puppies are available for pickup at age 6 weeks on or after 11/09/17. This litter is 8 weeks old on 11/23/17 which is Thanksgiving Day. I will not be available for pickup or air travel that day and will only ship on direct flights 11/24/17, 11/25/17, & 11/26/17 due to so many air travel delays that happen every year on that weekend. Regular air travel via Priority Parcel Service at age 8 weeks will resume on 11/27/17. Fifteen Acre Farms is located 30 minutes north of Tulsa, OK and 2-1/2 hours from Oklahoma City. We have placed puppies with their new families in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, & 45 US states so we have plenty of references available & experience transporting live animals via Priority Parcel Service on American Airlines, Delta, & United. Air travel is $400 and covers the cost of the airline approved crate with all required labeling, food/water dishes, vet visit, fecal, health papers, airfare, & transportation to & from the vet and to & from the airport. We can also transport 2 puppies together for $500. Read the "Shipping" page to address any concerns you may have regarding air travel. Because we are centrally located in the US, puppies are usually only intransit 2-7 hours depending on destination. View the "Airports" page to choose an airport nearest you for pickup.

We work at home & spend alot of time EVERY day with our animals. Our main focus is producing quality healthy puppies from properly health tested parents & placing them with responsible pet owners. In addition, our breeding program & facilities are AKC and state INSPECTED & APPROVED. 

Feeding: We feed, and recommend, Nutrisource, Bil-jac, & Holistic Select dry foods. Nutrisource & Holistic Select can be purchased on www.chewy.com. Bil-jac Puppy Select and Adult Select can be found at Petsmart. These brands of food are MADE IN THE USA WITH ALL USA INGREDIENTS. Our puppies have food in front of them at all times so they can eat as much as they want as often as each individual puppy feels the need to eat. If you want to feed on a schedule, puppies need to be offered food at least 3-4 times daily. If food is left in the bowl at each feeding, you know he/she got enough. If they clean up the amount you feed, offer more or you won't know if your puppy got enough to eat. Keep in mind that many times hunger is the root of bad behavior for animals.

EYE COLOR & SIZE: Be sure you have a good understanding of how genetics work regarding eye color in this breed and DO NOT have unrealistic expectations of me as a breeder. Each puppy has a 50/50 chance of having blue eyes.... that’s 50% chance they will and 50% chance they won’t. It really is that simple. In this breed, eye color can change at any time during the lifetime of the puppy so I can neither predict nor guarantee eye color and conversations regarding eye color are not a preferred topic of conversation for me. In addition, I will never tell you what you want to hear just to make the sale. What I CAN do is provide you the buyer with an IMPRESSIVE selection of quality healthy puppies produced from the finest of the breed consisting of the proper balance of health by CAREFUL genetic selection, intelligence, & beauty that transition quickly and well from our care to yours with a terrific start on obedience training, potty training, and sleeping through the night. In addition, do your research at asca.org and akc.org on the size of a PUREBRED Australian Shepherd and, again, DO NOT have unrealistic expectations of me as a breeder. Height and weight for EVERY male and female in our program are posted under their picture so YOU can determine what size their offspring has the potential to be.

Color genetics lesson: Uppercase “B” represents black and blue. Lowercase “b” represents red. ALL red dogs have two red genes (b/b). It’s genetically impossible for a red dog to have a black (B) gene. Darcy is a black factored black tri (B/B). Jaxson is a red factored blue merle (B/b). Therefore ALL puppies in this litter are either B/B black factored blue merle and black factored black tri getting the uppercase B gene from both Darcy AND Jaxson or B/b … red factored blue merle or red factored black tri … getting the uppercase B gene from Darcy and the lowercase b gene from Jaxson. There are no reds in this litter because ALL red dogs are b/b and Darcy does not have a b gene to offer. Probability is that 4 pups are red factored (B/b) and 4 are black factored B/B but could be a combination of any number from 1 to 8. It is also the merle parent that determines the number of merle’s in the litter so in Darcy’s litter Jaxson gave his merle gene M 4 times out of 8 and his tri gene m 4 times out of 8. A merle dog has one merle gene M and one tri gene m represented as M/m. A tri dog has 2 tri genes represented as m/m.

***ANY ADULT DOG OR PUPPY PLACED FOR BREEDING IS $3000 regardless of color or gender. Why $3000? Why should I invest tens of thousands of dollars in health testing to remove genetic issues for others to choose a $200 mate with NO health testing & breed genetic flaws right back into MY lines. A $3000 investment shows YOUR commitment to the breed and responsibility as a breeder. I expect you to take breeding to improve the breed as serious as I do. If you think you want to breed, read the Breeding 101 page then answer all the questions on the Contract (Breeding) page in detail and email your answers to me at fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com.***

When you are ready to place deposit on a puppy, or be added to the list for a future litter, call Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 and leave a message or send an email to fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com and include your name, phone, location so I will know if air travel is needed or if you plan to pickup here, the puppy that interests you, if this will be your first Australian Shepherd, if you have other dogs, & if you are a responsible pet owner and plan to spay/neuter.


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #1 pictured above, $2000. Available 2 blue eyes at this time. Picture last updated 11/20/17.

"Captain" Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #3 pictured above. SOLD Thank you Cody & Angie in Lincoln, NE.

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female #1 pictured above. SOLD Thank you Beth in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Congratulations on your 2nd Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherd!

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female #3 pictured above, $1000. Available Picture last updated 11/20/17.


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #2 pictured above. SOLD Thank you Susan in Tulsa, OK. Congratulations on your 2nd Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherd puppy!

"Everett" Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #4 pictured above. SOLD Thank you Josh and Aubre in Edmond, OK.

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female #2 pictured above, $800. Available Spay contract only. No breeding contract will be offered for this puppy as she has a slight overbite and a VERY small umbilical hernia that can easily be corrected at time of spay. These are slight imperfections per breed standard at www.akc.org and www.asca.org and have nothing to do with health. She will still be a perfect pet. Picture last updated 11/20/17.

"Knox" Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male pictured above. SOLD Thank you Taylor in Perry, OK. Congratulations on your family's 2nd Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherd!