Available Australian Shepherd Puppies

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Available Puppies: For available puppies click the links above for Bindi's Puppies, Constance' Puppies, Darcy's Puppies, London's Puppies, Winnie's Puppies, & Older Puppies. You may like us on Facebook and read our reviews at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. You may also subscribe to our youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds and see our obedience training video's for each puppy and take a tour. Contact us at fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or call and leave a message or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 to reserve a puppy. I ALWAYS answer messages promptly.

It is your responsibility to educate yourself on breed standard BEFORE you purchase. For info on breed standard visit http://www.akc.org/ then choose Australian Shepherd.   

I like to keep the purchasing process FOR BOTH OF US as simple as possible so if you are a person that likes to complicate things that don't need to be complicated it will be best for you to make your selection elsewhere. I have responsibilities to you the buyer which I take VERY SERIOUS and have outlined in great detail here on my website. You the buyer have responsibilities in the purchasing process as well so BE SURE you: are ready to commit to purchase, have the funds available to do so, can comprehend the exercise needs of a puppy, do not have a trip planned to travel the world when the puppy you have chosen is ready for pickup or air travel, have permission from WHOMEVER you need permission from, such as a spouse, significant other, parents, landlord, or adult children, BEFORE you contact me.