Obedience Training

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By age 8 weeks your puppy has been started here on a collar & leash in BASIC obedience training and has been introduced to the BASIC concept of “walk with me” (heel), “sit” when I stop, “down” with assistance of course, & “rollover” in that order. HEAR ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL NOT WIN AN OBEDIENCE RALLY OR AGILITY TRIAL AT AGE 8 WEEKS but rather that your puppy has been “INTRODUCED” to the very basic of commands that a 6 to 8 week old puppy can participate in prior to leaving my care and joining your family. It is YOUR responsibility to continue on with building on these skills that I have introduced them to and mastering them at a later date. For those who pick up their puppy here at 6 weeks or older I will give you a very basic lesson before leaving with your puppy. Keep in mind … some puppies are receptive to learning and training at this age and some are not. In addition, your puppy may not be interested in a training session at the particular time of your visit. Again … you can expect your puppy to have a BASIC start in obedience training at a BEGINNER level. Remember … you have to send your kid to kindergarten before he/she can go to college.

Other concepts your puppy has been introduced to at time of transitioning from my care to yours includes: potty training, climbing stairs, rolling & fetching a ball, tug of war, carrying a dumbbell, toys that make noise, spending time in shallow water (weather permitting of course), & placing toys in water and retrieving them. In addition, he/she will have mastered a doggy door.