Obedience Training

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By age 8 weeks your puppy has been started here on a collar & leash in BASIC obedience training and has been introduced to the BASIC concept of “walk with me” (heel), “sit” when I stop, “down” with assistance of course, & “rollover” in that order. HEAR ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL NOT WIN AN OBEDIENCE RALLY OR AGILITY TRIAL AT AGE 8 WEEKS but rather that your puppy has been “INTRODUCED” to the very basic of commands that a 6 to 8 week old puppy can participate in prior to leaving my care and joining your family. It is YOUR responsibility to continue on with building on these skills that I have introduced them to and mastering them at a later date. There are many hours of obedience training videos posted on my Youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds for your review. For those who pick up their puppy here at time of purchase I will give you a very basic lesson with your puppy. Keep in mind … some puppies are receptive to learning and training at this age and some are not. In addition, your puppy may not be interested in a training session at the particular time of your visit. Again … you can expect your puppy to have a BASIC start in obedience training at a BEGINNER level. Remember … you have to send your kid to kindergarten before he/she can go to college.

Other concepts your puppy has been introduced to at time of transitioning from my care to yours includes: potty training, climbing stairs, rolling & fetching a ball, tug of war, carrying a dumbbell, toys that make noise, spending time in shallow water (weather permitting of course), & placing toys in water and retrieving them. In addition, he/she will have mastered a doggy door.