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We are proud that our breeding program here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds:

1. is permanently registered as an ASCA kennel name.

2. maintains a lifetime membership with ASCA.

3. maintains a 'member in good standing' status for registration privileges with AKC and ASCA.

4. USDA (Class A breeder) licensed, inspected, and approved with the highest ratings

5. State of Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture (#347) licensed, inspected, and approved with the highest ratings

6. AKC inspected and approved with the highest ratings (no license is available through AKC)

7. Has met the 'Bred with HEART Program' qualifications and received certificate of participation with the AKC.

We have NEVER been cited for a non-compliance issue and enjoy conversation and the inspectors' visit while here to promote responsible breeding and education for puppy buyers of all breeds. Copies of inspection reports and licensing are included in your puppy's paperwork for review at time of purchase.


Always ALWAYS make your selection from a VERIFIABLE licensed breeder that KNOWS and REPRESENTS the breed well. Breeders that just have 2 dogs and put them together to raise a litter can simply just change their number after all the puppies are placed and that means you will never be able to reach them should you have questions or need the breeder to take your puppy back should your life situation change. VERIFIABLE LICENSED breeders who take breeding SERIOUS as their JOB cannot just change their number or move. We are always available to you the buyer to answer questions, address concerns, or take your puppy back any time during his or life with no questions asked.

In addition, I've worked hard to have what I have here but, unfortunately, due to my intense dialogue here on my website, my information is often copied by others who do not want to take the time or make the effort to create THEIR own website with THEIR message for THEIR puppy buyers. You will know who they are when you see them. My website was created BY ME in 2006 and has always been updated and maintained BY ME to educate you the buyer on the Australian Shepherd breed. I create and maintain ALL of my own marketing, advertising, and gathering of data to display here for the improvement of the breed and to educate the puppy buyers. 'Breeders' who simply copy and paste my info are not serious about this job and usually only breed for a short time. It will be beneficial to choose a breeder who KNOWS and REPRESENTS the breed well and spends the time and effort necessary to develop their own message for you the buyer. Also, there are MANY dishonest breeders out there that steal pedigree's and lab reports then represent lesser quality dogs with these stolen documents. Fifteen Acre Farms has only ONE location near Talala, OK. We do NOT have multiple locations in different states. All Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds are kept HERE on the premises and will only be represented by me, Laura Perry. If you receive documents such as pedigree, lab reports, or DNA profile with my name or any of my dogs names on them from anyone but me, you should consider those documents to be stolen or falsified.