Breed Standard

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Breed standard for the size of a PUREBRED Australian Shepherd is posted at and DO NOT have unrealistic expectations for me as a breeder. Height and weight for EVERY male and female in our program here are CLEARLY posted under their picture so YOU can determine what size their offspring has the potential to be. And while we are on the subject of breed standard ...... BREED STANDARD FOR AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS IS TO DOCK THE TAIL. IF YOU WANT A DOG WITH A TAIL THEN YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A BREED WHERE BREED STANDARD IS TO HAVE A TAIL. So if you contact me looking for an 'Australian Shepherd' but you want it to have a tail and demand that it be a size other than what breed standard is at and we are not going to get along.

*******WE DO NOT RAISE TOY's OR MINI'S. Toy's & Mini's are NOT a breed recognized by AKC or ASCA BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PUREBRED. This information is CLEARLY posted on both of their websites. Do NOT take MY word for it. See for yourself. Go to then click on the Breed list. See? NO Miniature Australian Shepherd or Toy Australian Shepherd breed is listed on AKC's website because mini's & toy's are NOT PUREBRED. Also visit and scroll to the bottom. ASCA CLEARLY states they do not recognize OR register the mini or toy "variety" BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PUREBRED. If you purchase(d) a dog labeled as a Miniature Australian Shepherd by his/her breeder you have been fooled. Look on your AKC registration paperwork under Breed listed at the very top of your Dog Registraion Application: It says Australian Shepherd NOT Miniature Australian Shepherd. I do not know why breeders are doing their Aussies such an injustice by labeling them as mini's or toys. ASCA's website clearly states they do not recognize ANY breed labeled as anything other than AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD & WILL NOT REGISTER THEM. Scroll down towards the bottom of their homepage to read their statement. AND be aware that if any person who owns a dog on your dogs ASCA paperwork decides to stop calling his/her Australian Shepherd an Australian Shepherd & start calling him/her a mini and/or registers their dog as a mini with a sub-standard breed registry because ASCA will not only revoke that dogs paperwork but will revoke EVERY dogs paperwork on down the line .... ALL SUBSEQUENT PROGENY's paperwork will be revoked is what ASCA's letter states.  

We do not raise, recommend, or promote the breeding of toy's or mini's. They do not possess the same attributes an Australian Shepherd has & should not be considered an Australian Shepherd. They are NOT PUREBRED and do NOT represent an Australian Shepherd AT ALL. Australian Shepherds have always been 18-23" in height. We did not wake up one day & now they are 10" tall. For this to be possible, they have had smaller toy breeds bred into them to reduce height. Most toy's & mini's have bug eyes, prick ears, & stringy hair. These are NOT purebred Australian Shepherds & should not be referred to as Australian Shepherds. Do your research & take the time to educate yourself on this subject BEFORE making a purchase. Anyone can label any animal with a name. That doesn't make it factual. Please do not call or email asking for a toy or mini. These calls & emails are a VERY big waste of my time.*******