Priscilla & Dublin's Australian Shepherd Puppies (Reserved)

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Deposits have been received for all of Priscilla's puppies.

Priscilla & Dublin's AKC/ASCA registered Australian Shepherd puppies. DOB 08/18/20. 

Pictures last updated 09/21/2020. Scroll down to see individual puppy pictures, availability, pricing, and payment options.

See our video here:

See video, pictures, pedigree, DNA profile VERIFIED PARENTAGE, and lab reports for important genetic health testing for Priscilla and Dublin on the *Sires & Dames* page.

Priscilla's puppies will be available for air travel on 10/13/2020. Fifteen Acre Farms is located 30 minutes north of Tulsa, OK and 2-1/2 hours from Oklahoma City. Families and breeders from Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, & 45 US states have made their selections here since 2006 so we have plenty of references available & experience transporting live animals via Priority Parcel Service on American, Delta, & United Airlines. Air travel in the continental United States, Alaska, Puerto Rico, & US Virgin Islands is $500 for one puppy or for two puppies flying together at age 8 or 9 weeks. Read the *Shipping* page to address any concerns you may have regarding air travel for live animals and for a breakdown of the cost. Because we are centrally located in the US, our puppies are usually only intransit 2-7 hours depending on destination. View the *Airports* page to choose an airport nearest you for pickup.

The purchasing process here is simple. We ask that you subscribe to our Youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds, watch some of our obedience training video's, take a tour of our facilities, then read reviews posted on Facebook and Google from our puppy buyers. When you feel confident you would like to make your selection here from a breeder who KNOWS and REPRESENTS the breed WELL simply click 'Reserve This Puppy' below his or her picture to pay $200 deposit. Balance + Shipping if air travel is needed is due at age 6 weeks. I will be notified when a payment is made and will then mark your puppy sold with your name. If you prefer to contact me before purchase call or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 or email If you email be sure to include your location so I will know if air travel is needed, if you have a color or gender preference, & a phone number so I can call you.

Posted prices are for spay/neuter contract only.

***ANY ADULT DOG OR PUPPY PLACED FOR BREEDING IS $3000 regardless of color or gender. Why $3000? To stop the nonsense of purchasing a puppy here for breeding then choosing a $200 mate registered with a substandard registry with NO health testing & breed genetic flaws right back into the pedigree that I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to clean up. A $3000 investment shows YOUR commitment to the breed and responsibility as a breeder. My expectation is that you will take breeding to improve and promote the Australian Shepherd breed as serious as I do. If you think you want to breed, read the *For Breeders* page. NO EXCEPTIONS/NO EXCUSES. Remember .... 100% of dogs in pound, shelter, & rescue are there as a result of breeding without a plan and we put a lot of effort into being part of the solution not part of the problem.***


PriscillaDublin's Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male #1 pictured above. My new home is with Gina in Tulsa, OK.




Priscilla & Dublin's Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female #1 pictured above. My new home is with Jenny in Santa Clara, CA.



Priscilla & Dublin's Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #1 pictured above. My new home is with Jacob in Lewisville, TX.



PriscillaDublin's Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #3 pictured above. My new home is with Mark & Kimberly in San Antonio, TX.



Priscilla and Dublin's Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male #2 pictured above. My new home is with Eli in Orlando, FL. 



PriscillaDublin's Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female #2 pictured aboveMy new home is with Nicholas in Auburn, CA!



PriscillaDublin's Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Male #2 pictured above. My new home is with Steven & Sarah in Andover, KS. Congratulations on your 2nd Fifteen Acre Farms puppy!