Jaynie's Puppies (Available)

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The puppies featured on this page are out of Jaynie & Pony's December litter. They are currently 5 months old and available for immediate pickup or air travel. They have completed their puppy shots, walk along WELL on a leash, sleep quietly at night, potty consistently outside, travel well, adore the companionship of other animals, & sit well for bath, brush, nail trim, and ear cleaning. See pedigree's and lab reports for Jaynie & Pony on the Pedigree's and Lab Reports page. Air travel is an additional $500 if needed. Email fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or call and leave a message or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 to add one of these sweet juveniles to your family. Subscribe to our youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds to see additional videos and take a tour.



Jaynie & Pony's NEUTERED Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male #2, $1000. Available DOB 12/08/17 Picture last updated 05/19/18. Current weight 42 lbs. This boy is a sweet soft soul highly recommended for a family with small children. See video here posted 05/20/18: https://youtu.be/bwoZ1JUDtwo and here:   https://youtu.be/2HPczx0Lprk

and obedience training video here: https://youtu.be/LB_K-VuzmkI






Jaynie & Pony's Black Tri Male #4, $800. Available DOB 12/08/17. Picture updated 05/19/18. Current weight 48 lbs. MDR1 normal/mutant. This means Ivermectin and products on the drug sensitivity list for herding breeds should be administered only in correct doses or use alternatives. This boy has a sweet gentle spirit about him and will excel in a family with small children. See video here posted 5/20/18:https://youtu.be/j-nZPv7__Yk  and here:  https://youtu.be/ZUVmUl89odI

and obedience training video here: https://youtu.be/enSgS9A27Sc