Fifteen Acre Farms Gina

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*** Gina ***

Fifteen Acre Farms Gina

Black Tri Female with White & Copper Trim

Brown Eyes

19-1/2" & 55 lbs

AKC & ASCA Registered

ASCA DNA Profiled Verified Parentage

Gina has been a delightful addition to our program here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. Her movement makes her look like she's floating on air. She has an outstanding personality and LOVES all of our visitors and other dogs. She loves to play in the water and with her toys. Gina has a high level of intelligence and obedience and displays many breed characteristics that are an asset to our program here. Pedigree, lab reports for important genetic health testing, and DNA profile VERIFIED PARENTAGE are displayed here. Click on each report to enlarge.

Watch my video here: