Gemfire's Double Down Dragon "Dublin"

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Dublin is available to an approved breeding program for $5000. He is red factored. See pedigree, lab reports for important genetic health testing, & DNA profile VERIFIED parentage below. Dublin is an exceptional representation of the breed and has produced SEVERAL impressive litters here for us. Dublin was returned to his breeder in Ft. Smith, AR so that is his current location and you must be willing to pick up there. I'll be happy to share contact information. 



*** Dublin ***

Gemfire's Double Down Dragon

Blue Merle Male with Full White Collar & Copper Trim (Red factored {B/b}

Brown Eyes

20" & 67 lbs

AKC & ASCA Registered

AKC & ASCA DNA Profile Verified Parentage

Disqualifying faults per AKC/ASCA breed standard: NONE

Dublin is such a good natured boy and is very mannerly. He has NO bad habits. He doesn't bark, dig, climb, or fence fight and gets along WELL with all my other dogs. He has a very kind and gentle nature about him. He loves toys and has a moderate activity level. Dublin displays a high level of intelligence and displays STUNNING coat color. Such a WONDERFUL opportunity to have him here in our breeding program. Click on each report to enlarge. Note: Registration number, DOB, & microchip # are blocked to prevent theft and replication of our pedigree's and lab reports. YES .... there are MANY dishonest breeders out there that simply copy or duplicate pedigree's and lab reports from dog's they don't own and provide them to unsuspecting puppy buyers on their own offspring from parents with NO health testing.

See Dublin's videos here: