Fifteen Acre Farms Cate

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*** Cate ***

Fifteen Acre Farms Cate

Black Tri Female with Full White Collar & Copper Trim

Brown Eyes

B/b - Red factored. This means CAN produce red puppies when bred to a red b/b or red factored B/b mate.

19" & 47 lbs

AKC & ASCA Registered

ASCA DNA Profile Verified Parentage

Disqualifying faults per AKC/ASCA breed standard: NONE

Cate is a 3rd generation bred, born, and raised right here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds. Pedigree, DNA profile Verified Parentage, & lab reports for important genetic health testing are posted here. Click on each report to enlarge. Note: Registration number, DOB, & microchip # are blocked to prevent theft and replication of our pedigree's and lab reports. YES .... there are MANY dishonest breeders out there that simply copy or duplicate pedigree's and lab reports from dog's they don't own and provide them to unsuspecting puppy buyers on their own offspring from parents with NO health testing.

Like her sire Grady and grandsire Pony, Cate is a sweet, gentle natured, loving soul with a beautiful soft flowing haircoat.