Available Adult Australian Shepherds

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Available Adult Dogs will be posted on this page as they become available and after current deposit holders have been contacted. We only allow our females to produce 2-5 litters and then we spay them and place them for one of the following purposes:

1. as medical alert dogs

2. with soldiers for PTSD

3. with families for children with ADHD and Autism

4. as a companion animal for an aged, or rescue, dog or one with anxiety, extreme fear, behavioral, or other issue's

5. as a teacher for another dog that has trouble with potty training or walking on a leash

6. to comfort a child with night terrors, fear of the dark, fear of the water, or bedwetting issue's

7. protector/comforter for latchkey kids

8. to assist handicapped individual's

9. family companion

10.as a comfort animal for pound, shelter, or rescue dog

When their breeding assignment ends here at Fifteen Acre Farms, our dogs are in exceptional health and can live another 10+ years serving a purpose. They are current on vaccinations, deworming, flea & tick control, have a dental cleaning, are spayed or neutered, microchipped, can walk WELL on a leash, KNOW to potty outside, and sleep quietly at night.

We do, on occasion, have adult dogs returned to us for various reasons as well. The most common reason for return is simply change of circumstance that cannot be avoided. Each dog is assessed and any behavior issue's are addressed here as needed before placement. 

The cost for an adult dog is typically $800-$2000. I do prefer that adult dogs be picked up here to be sure your family is a good fit but air travel or ground transportation will be considered, if needed, on a case by case basis. Air travel out of Tulsa is limited to a 36" crate so it depends on the size of the dog and if they will fit. Alaska Air has just opened a cargo facility June 2021 in Oklahoma City and can accommodate a 40" crate so we can utilize that airline going west coast, MT, & ID. We also have a USDA licensed ground transporter available to us. The cost for air travel or ground transportation for an adult dog is an additional $900. See our shipping page here.

Click the 'Reserve An Adult Dog' button below to pay $200 NONREFUNDABLE deposit to be added to the deposit holder list and be considered for placement as adult dogs become available. Then email me at fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com and let me know if there is a specific purpose listed above that you need a dog to fill.

1. Danni & Ken in Burleson, TX - Purpose: autistic adult

2. Gregory in Tulsa, OK